My Love

Shades of purple, oceans of blue, elephants stand missing you. Butterfly wings and bangles of green spread through out a meadow serene. A heart once whole now torn to shreds sent searching to the worlds end.


Where have you gone I’m in such pain this life, this heart will never be the same. I long for the day to hold you again.

My love, my love, my love

Please return to me once more running through my open door, for life and love sustain the heart and absence only tears it apart. The heart is filled with memories dear but your voice gone from my ears

Kills me, kills me, kills me


Where have you gone I’m in such pain this life, this heart will never be the same. I long for the day to hold you again.

My love, my love, my love

I see the signs you send from above rainbows, elephants and puppy’s love. but none shall take the pain away that missing you brings every day

I love you, I love you, I love you


Where have you gone I’m in such pain this life, this heart will never be the same. I long for the day to hold you again.

My love, my love, my love


The House at the End of the Road

At the end of a long curved road sits a house, a house unadorned abandoned and alone. Once the center of town she now sits stoic as her large eye like windows stare blankly outward as if in eternal sleep.

Once she had been a beautiful house standing tall snuggled against the mountain forest and shining like a beacon enticing people to stop and rest. Those who visited and stayed within her walls always left refreshed, renewed and somehow more alive. This magnificent house had a way of healing the heart and soul of those stayed there. They claimed that it was the house and her healing heart that left them feeling healthier and at piece with themselves.

This place had been the host of many celebrations, parties and visitors over the years. A place where people came from all over to visit, relax and enjoy the food and companionship. Every day you would see visitors taking a walk on her lush grounds or just sitting under the tall tree that loomed over the house. A great place to read or sit or take a nap or even swing on the rope swing that hung from a long branch.

Many families had lived, loved and cared for her over the years and in return she sheltered them, nurtured them and gave them a safe harbor from the harsh elements of the world. In the summer time her large garden overgrown with beautiful vegetables and fruit made delicious meals that would be talked about for days.

Once a week you would find children under her tree running around while parents prepared picnics on warm and lazy Sunday afternoons. Weddings were special events that drew the town’s folk from all around dressed in their very best. Dances were held and many young people made bonds and ties that would last a life time. This town was a place where your neighbors were your friends in good times or bad. If you needed help all you had to do was ask and many would come to your aid.

Life was good and simple but nothing lasts forever. All too soon this town would see a change, a change that would alter the lives of many forever. At first it started slowly then picked up speed and then would not be stopped.

Years go by…

New superhighways, mega factories and high buildings hosting state of the art offices. Houses with superior technology superseded the old. No longer was there need for hard work. Anything you needed could be purchased on the internet without ever having left the comfort of your chair. New jobs and a promise for a better life took many away from the small little town. Each wanting a new house, better offices and easier life Many left the small town in search of this. The once proud bustling town now dwindled as her people went in search of new and better things.

The small town went quiet…

Many decades pass…

The house at the end of the curved road sacrificed in the name of progress now wears layers of dust. Her colors once bright are now faded chipped and worn no longer a beacon or center of anything she sits in disrepair. Left forgotten and alone she withers.


A woman in a soft yellow head scarf stands staring out the window in the high rise apartment where she lives. The once tall and beautiful woman now pale and thin with sunken eyes stands un-moving unseeing. Her hair once thick is now gone with the exception of one or two thin long tufts escaping the confines of her headdress.

Lost somewhere deep in the recesses of her mind she contemplates her future.

Her husband places a hand gently on her shoulder and kisses the back of her head. Lifting up her arm she continues to look out the window as she places her hand upon his. She leans back into him feeling his warmth and closes her eyes. He enfolds her in a tender embrace and asks “Are you ready?” Not opening her eyes she breaths out her soft assent.

This sick young woman after so many visits with doctors and specialists had been given no hope or cure. So it was decided that the little family would move away from the loud clamor and bustling of the big city in search of a smaller space one were you can hear yourself think, where you could listen to the melodic sounds of the earth, a place for meditation and peacefulness. As the small family drives away the woman is assailed by the multitudes of memories this city holds the good and the bad. As they travel out of the city limits the woman feels a bit of relief, she breaths better and a calm washes over her heart. Sighing she and leans back in her seat and sleeps.

They drive…

The minutes turn into hours, the hours turn into days the days turn into nights and nights back into days. They traveled many miles away from the city.

Early in the wee hours of one morning they come across a curved road quite by accident. At the end of this curved road was an old and abandoned house. Gazing at the house through the car window as they passed the woman suddenly felt a spark, a connection, a compulsion that she could not explain. Turning in her seat the woman stares at the house feeling mesmerized.

A bit startled at the sudden movement of his wife he watches as she turns in her seat to stare at the house passing by. He slowed a bit feeling concerned and asks “Are you okay?” “Turn the car around” she said. Her voice was loud, clear and determined, something that was not normal for her. He pulled over.

The woman opened the door and stepped out. Her husband watched in amazement as she moved unassisted as if being pulled by an invisible string out of the car toward the house. Her husband held his breath watching a miracle happen. His wife who needed assistance to stand and walk was already out of the car making her way to the house.

Reaching the veranda she climbed the three steps and stopped. Taking in the sight of the house and then the grounds around her gave her a feeling of hope. Hope was something that no one could give her, not even the doctors. But here, here in this house on this veranda and the grounds around she could envision a life, a life that would be a long one filled with hope happiness and love. Closing her eyes she took in a deep breath, held it, and then slowly let it out as if trying to savor the scent as long as her lungs would allow. When she opened her eyes she knew they had found a place called home.

A smile pulled at her mouth a smile that had not been there for some years. Her husband’s eyes widened at the unfamiliar smile on her face and walked towards her. Reaching her they embraced as a tear appeared in his eyes. He could not remember the last time he had seen a smile from her. Squeezing her tighter they stood intertwined watching as the children ran around a tall tree.

The children happy to be free of their back seat prison ran around a very large tree laughing, playing and just having fun unaware of anything other than the next great treasure that this large tree was sure to reveal. Spying a swing tucked up high in the branches the little boy climbed up to let it loose. They took turns swinging high and having fun.

Taking his wife’s chin in his hand he turned her face towards him and stares in wonder at the change. A ever widening smile appears on her face. Giving her a gentle kiss he embraces her once more. Not sure what caused her reaction he revels in the moment drinking in the pure happiness emanating from her.

The woman knew that this house was her house, the house she had been dreaming about before they left the city, the place that would heal her body and soul she knew it, she felt it, she could already feel her body reacting to the call from the house and land. Hope fills her soul as she hears it’s beckoning.

Taking her husband’s hand they walk around the outside of the house as she envisioned what the once grand place must have looked like, how people had once lived with in her walls, those who must have loved and been happy here. They pass a small garden that was overgrown but still filled with wild vegetables. Then they stop next to the large tree where one of her children now hung upside down swinging back and forth from a branch and the other chasing a frog.

The woman felt somehow renewed and with pleading eyes looked up into her husband’s face with such yearning to call this place their home. As he gazed back into her face it was with great awe. He had lost hope and never imagined that she would have or could have a fighting chance to recover from the ravages that the sickness had visited upon her body and soul, but now looking into the face of his most loved wife he knew in his heart for the first time that there might be hope, could be hope, was hope.

With unspoken words he took her face between his hands and kissed her gently on the forehead then smiling he nodded his head and grabbing her up he started spinning her around and around laughing at the pure joy they both felt as hope surged back into their hearts and souls.

Two years later…

The woman smiles as she looks through the window at her children playing under the large tree. Sitting at her desk she is writing yet another book from her much loved series of children’s stories, stories about the magical house and the adventures that Harry and Gale had while exploring all its hidden secrets. Her books were a highly successful series one of great fascination and excitement for its readers. A series that was in great demand and held special in the hearts of many.

As her husband enters the house through the back door he is whistling being very satisfied with the new life they’ve made here. He passes the door to the room where his wife is sitting and stops he remembers how things use to be when they lived in the city. Who would have ever guessed that moving to this house would heal them all. Walking into the room he bends over and gives her a hug. The blessing of his wife’s recovery and the pure happiness that living within these walls gave them all.

This old abandoned house once again stood tall renewed to its former glory. Its walls shone bright and were decorated with many pictures of adventures they have had since living here. His wife’s books entranced the readers so much that they all came in droves to see the magical house, to partake in it and possibly take some of the magic home with them. Others had moved to the town because the woman’s books made it seem magical like anything could happen if you lived there.

Once again the house was host to many celebrations and parties held here for anyone to join especially the town’s folk. The town was once again filled with many people, people who now lived and loved much in this small town. The house at the end of the curved road once again stood as a beacon in the center of town much loved and cared for by those who lived there once more.

Written by Eva Spell

The Cottage on The Lake

There is a lake at the base of a group of mountains and on the edge of that lake is a boat dock. The dock is long and sturdy being built to with stand the passage of time. The dock has a worn rustic look from the many seasons that have visited the lake year after year.

Sitting on that lake is a small white sail boat drifting lazily as the gentle winds push it softly rocking it back and forth in the moving waters. A white sail stands tall and bright against the turquoise waters and soft blue skies.

Beyond the boat dock is a small gravel path lined and somewhat over grown with an array of wild flowers. Half way up the path is a wooden bench facing the lake where walkers may take respite gazing out over at the beauty around them. On this bench sits a robin singing loudly as he hops back and forth. As the gentle sun warms him he takes a break in singing to peck at the bench.

Further up the path sits a small cottage. The cottage is built upon a small foundation of rocks under a group of very old quaking aspen trees intermingled with evergreens. A small cobble stone path leads you right up to the small set of stairs that face the bright blue front door of the cottage.

Flowers surround the cottage decorating the whole area in a profusion of color. Three large plants over growing with bright purple, pink and orange flowers hang in front of the large picture frame window. In front of that window is a bench with a basket holding fluffy blankets for anyone wanting to sit at night.

Inside this basket sits a small bright orange kitten licking her paws. Every now and then she stops staring up at the small flock of wrens singing high in the tree. You can almost hear her thoughts as she contemplates of a way to reach them. The kitten looks up as she hears the distance cry of a lone hawk soaring high above the lake upon the gentle breeze.

Behind the cottage poking his head out between a small grove of trees a buck. He sniffs and tastes the air looking for any danger. Finding nothing of concern he enters the small garden with his family of two snow white fawns and a doe. They eat at the lush grass as the buck stands as a sentinel of protection. After the two fawns finish they start prancing and playing. As the sun starts its lazy way down for the night they wander back into the forest and disappear.

As the sun goes down a small group of butterfly’s wing past the bench and disappear behind a large Syringa bush. The small Robin has gone and the birds have quieted. The sounds of the day stop as the sounds of the night slowly begin.

From the top of the cottage wafts upward the smoke from the gentle fire burning in the hearth bringing warmth to the small area. A tall man stands there looking out across the lake as he stretches. Looking toward the lake he sees a woman.

Pulling the boat up to the dock a woman steps out and ties the boat to the dock.  Two small dogs jump out and start chasing each other off the docks and into the grassy area of the shore. Making sure the sail boat is secure she makes the small trek toward the house humming to herself as she walks. Just before she reaches the front door she sees him. The man that is the love of her life and as they come together he greets her with a kiss as they walk hand in hand into the cottage.

As day becomes night the sun’s ray shine yellow, orange, red and then pink as the sun says good night on another day of pure bliss in the cottage on the meadow in the mountains on the shore. This story Written by Eva Spell

Daughter of Mine

Daughter of mine


Where do I go, what should I do

When you left me here I broke into two

Shuffling my feet each step filled with pain

Wanting, no needing to hold you again

Wishes and dreams unfulfilled in your life

The void of your loss brings me struggle and strife

I weep, I sleep, and I struggle each day

Wanting, no needing, there’re things I would say

The sweet baby angel on loan from the Lord

When he called you back home I felt bereft and forlorn

I know he is with you sharing his light

But each and every day is a continuous fight

Fighting for breath and a reason to live

You come in a dream and beg me “Momma live”


My dear precious momma let your light shine

You are beautiful and lovely, remember your mine

You held me in sickness, in good and the bad

You gave me a great life so please don’t be sad

I love you my mother with heart soul and might

So please hear me and listen, live life with delight

Delight for the love and the life you gave me

For the life that I lived was perfect, you and me

I love you dear momma so please hear my plea

Find joy in your life while you remember me


Dear daughter my love I hear your sweet voice

I will live my life with love and rejoice

I’m a mother to a daughter so precious and dear

I will live my life love and remember you here

Remember your sweet voice your laughter and song

Remember the good times now that you’re gone

Thank you sweet angel for the love from your heart

Remember sweet angel we’ll never be a part

Written by Eva Spell